woensdag 13 februari 2008

Art Radio Mix /OPERA\

A live recording of FNTC's famous 3 dimensional hearplay. During this performance the audience was blindfolded and stretched out on couches. The sound came from all sides. Recorded and mixed in the summer of 1986. Use headphones while laying down. Opera has been featured in the All Chemix Radio Series and has been broadcasted by Stations in Canada, USA, Australia, Germany and The Netherlands. Willem de Ridder and Hessel allready started making radio programmes in the late seventies: normal stories and fairy-tales for children and experimental Radio Plays for adults.The first experimental Radio Plays were made in the EXART-studio and released on tape or broadcasted live on independent radiostations. But during all these recordingsessions also Nicole and Cora became part of the Radio Plays. So we needed a name: FANATIC was born. And FANATIC appeared more and more “on stage”, doing strange perverse sexual performances while audiences were blindfolded and/or confrontated with extreme sounds. In 1985 the name was changed into F.N.T.C. and several music- and videotapes were released during the late 80’s. “NEUROPA”(feat. William Levy) and “OPERA”(feat. Jon Rose; http://www.jonroseweb.com/) soon became top issues and were broadcasted in many different countries.

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