vrijdag 15 februari 2008


And at the end of 2004 shortly after the death of Hessel’s father and mother “MADADAYO” was born. Y Create (NL) ‘Madadayo’CD-December 2004 300 copies. (released by EE Tapes, Belgium) http://www.eetapes.be/ ”Musician and home-tape veteran Hessel Veldman, known from the legendary Gorgonzola Legs, F.N.T.C. and the Exart label ( IJmuiden, Holland 1982 – 1995), finally returns back to earth with the resurrection of his solo-project Y CREATE: a full-length CD (76:54) with new dark earplays, now for the first time available! All material on ‘ Madadayo’ was processed with original sounds from the rich Exart-archives.” Knowing absolutely nothing of this artist, after undertaking a little background research it seems that solo musician Hessel Veldman ran a tape label Exart from 1982 to 1995. Thus with a wealth of archival material to draw from, Hessel sampled, collated, arranged and mixed sounds to construct the final compositions on this album.Whist the promo blurb might bill this as dark ambient, to my mind this description is far too narrow to adequately capture the diversity of ideas at play. Admittedly the opening track ‘The white house walk’ might subscribe to a standard dark ambient sound, yet, things really take flight on ‘A tale from the dark side’ with a rhythmic tribal composition. The moody synth melodies of the title track avoid clichés given the underscoring trip hop beats introduced mid way through. ‘Daisy daisy’ likewise is truly wondrous, forging a halcyon sonic miasma, and yet another example of this CD being well above beyond a mere dark ambient tag.Without resorting to describing each individual track and its particular elements and sounds, Y Create’s album is truly one of the most diverse, professional, interesting and welcomed surprises I have come across in recent times. Lastly, the CD comes housed is a 7” record sleeve & is limited to 325 copies. 2005 - RJS (Aural Pressure) For more information, correspondence, sounds and music-exchange contact: HESSEL VELDMAN VELSERDUINWEG 52c 1971 ZE IJMUIDEN THE NETHERLANDS E-MAIL: djima@telfort.nl

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